Installed Renewables Capacity


2013 cumulative PVThe report from which this graphic was obtained is Here .

2015 cumulative wind

UPDATE:  2015 Cumulative Wind Installations

Wind capacity has risen by nearly 100 fold in the last 20 years.  If we see 1 / 10th of that over the next 20 years, wind will be providing about 30% of the world’s electricity needs.  The graphic comes from this report.

By 2017 Deutsche Bank projects 50 GW of solar in the US alone:

PV Growth Projections

windpower growth

See also Renewable Energy Cost Curves   –

Interactive Graphics on Wind Energy growth –

EIA Graphing tool with link to US windpower growth .

Article showing how poor a job IEA has done at projecting renewables growth .  In my experience EIA does a very poor job as well but have not been able to find graphs to show it like this article does for IEA.

PV, Wind, Cumulative Capacity, Capacity

2013 Graph

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