I hope that readers of this blog will come away as ardent supporters of renewable energy, or, if you are hardened anti renewables folks, perhaps leave with some new insights that broaden your perspective.  The technical task of becoming a civilization fully powered by renewable energy is far less daunting than the one faced by those who created microchips with billions of transistors, nuclear weapons or putting a man on the moon.  Industry insiders are rapidly converging on agreement on the approach that will get us there.

Clayton Handleman Data Kiosk

Clayton Handleman Data Kiosk

Join me in exploring renewable industry growth to date and the ongoing reductions in cost structure.  We are talking about key technologies and breakthroughs. Look at why 20% renewables is probable by 2020 and all but certain by 2025, and how renewables can provide baseload power, opening up the possibility of complete replacement of carbon and extraction based energy with renewables by 2050.  This blog will also look at the real costs of fossil fuels, show how the marketplace is structured to favor fossil fuels and fails to account for much of the value that renewables bring to the table.  Much of this can be done in a market based framework and I will explore some aspects of our markets that are broken.  In particular, I will look at externalities that are not monetized into our energy purchasing.  And finally I will explore obsolete property laws that were created before we had the power to render vast tracts of land altered and worthless as is being done in mountain top removal and look at how those laws might be changed.

In the end, in creating this blog, if I get enough information pulled together and organize my thoughts sufficiently I hope to have the time to pull this together and write a book, or think up other ways to further the aims of the blog.

My company Heliotronics, Inc. provides computer displays that teach about renewable energy. We put the displays in schools, universities, corporate lobbies and any other venue that has a renewable energy system and wishes to raise awareness. We develop curriculum that integrates renewable energy data while teaching the basics in Science Technology Engineering and Math and we support teachers in using this curriculum and developing their own.  If you are an educator and would like to integrate renewable energy data into your daily instruction, see the Solar Learning Lab(TM).

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2 Responses to About

  1. Clayton, it’s Deborah Lawrence. I’ve been writing on the Energy Collective. I truly have enjoyed your comments and I thought some of your links in the comment on my podcast were great. I would love to feature one of your posts on my site, Energy Policy Forum. You could either guest post or we could use one from your blog. Would you have an interest?


  2. heavyweather says:

    Hello Clayton,

    I just wanted to share this crowd-funding campaign with you and your readers.

    I would really love to see them succeed or at least install the first production plant.



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