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Amory Lovins – Reinventing Fire

In this TED talk Amory Lovins presents a nontechnical overview of the future of energy.  In his book Reinventing Fire he digs into the details. From the Amazon page introduction: “Imagine fuel without fear. No climate change. No oil spills, … Continue reading

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GE New Turbine Testing – High Efficiency

  High Efficiency wind turbine from GE.

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New Developments Expand Wind Potential

Recent developments in wind technology coupled with desparately needed utility grid upgrades make wind viable for a vastly larger proportion of our electric power than is widely recognized.    Opponents will tell you that the intermittent performance of renewables is a … Continue reading

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A Nice Comparison of Energy Sources

This offers a great way to compare various sources of electrical generation including LCOE http://en.openei.org/apps/TCDB/

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