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Thorium Nuclear Reactors

There is a growing chorus of voices advocating for the development of closed cycle nuclear reactors.  The most hyped approach is the Thorium reactor but there are others also.  In this post I will aggregate links to information on Thorium … Continue reading

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Externalities of Nuclear Energy

  I ran across this insightful comment to this post: http://theenergycollective.com/robertwilson190/257481/why-power-density-matters#comment-80591 The comment is by: Robert Mitchell The comment goes into great detail about the costs of insuring nuclear power plants that are left up to the taxpayer rather than, … Continue reading

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Putting Energy Into Perspective

This is a great graphic developed by RICHARD PEREZ — ASRC — UALBANY He has continued to refine it over the years.  It puts the available energy resources into perspective.  This is a 2 dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional … Continue reading

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100% Renewables by 2050 or Sooner!

100×50 or sooner! I would like to see 100% renewables in the US by NO LATER than 2050.  Sooner is better for sure.  100% renewables in the US will create the technology scale such that renewable energy will move worldwide … Continue reading

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Rethinking Solyndra

Solyndra’s failure cast a shadow across the government loan program that supported them.  However that program has had a variety of success stories and since it is a loan guarantee program much of the reported dollar amount of the program … Continue reading

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Do Indirect Emissions From EV Charging Negate the Value of the EV?

Some are concerned that adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV)s will indirectly lead to higher emission levels.  For example, if the power you charge your EV with comes from coal power plants then they argue that you will emit greenhouse gasses … Continue reading

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PV Growth Continues, 20 Nuclear Plant Equivalent At End of 2012 Doubling by 2015

The installed PV has continued to grow exponentially.  Until recently PV was a bit player on the world electricity generation stage.  However due to its exponential growth that is no longer the case.  The equivalent energy producing capacity of 20 … Continue reading

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The Nuclear Free Ride

Nuclear power externalizes costs in a number of ways.  One of these is that in the event of a nuclear accident, industry liability is limited by statute to $12.6 billion (Price-Anderson Act).  The federal government (read: taxpayer) ultimately foots the … Continue reading

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