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Texas Transmission Line Upgrades Slash Wind Curtailment

Featured on:  CleanTechnica, REneweconomy, and The Energy Collective, By Clayton Handleman It is August and that means the latest version of The Wind Technologies Market Report (WTMR) has been released by the US DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) … Continue reading

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Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds? Not so Much.

The Anti-Wind community (yes, there really is such a thing) loves to make up problems that do not exist.  One is to point out the bird kill problem with wind turbines.  This is a “thing” because the first major wind … Continue reading

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Load Shifting With Electric Vehicles is a Great Match to Wind in Many Areas

Featured on: REneweconomy, Cleantechnica By Clayton Handleman EVs charge mostly at night.  As EV battery prices drop and become a mass market item they offer the opportunity to soak up night time peaks allowing larger capacity of night peaking renewables … Continue reading

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Growth of Windpower in Fascinating Interactive Graphic

For interactive graphic on US Windpower growth click Here . For Interactive graphic on world windpower growth – Click Here:  If there is a Pop-up, Click the X at the upper right of the pop-up to make it go away. … Continue reading

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Renewables In Perspective

This Sandia paper offers insights as to the potential for various renewable energy sources.  This is one of the sources that Elon Musk is using to guide his vision. Richard Perez offers similar information graphically, see below.

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Reducing Intermittency by Decorrelating Sources

The plots below show the potential for reducing wind intermittency through the expansion of the grid and interconnecting geographically dispersed wind farms.  As decorrelation increases the overall intermittency of the aggregated resource reduces.   The graphs below show the increased … Continue reading

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Windpower Hits 2.1 Cents Per KWhr

Things are happening rapidly in the wind industry.  Mike Barnard came back from Windpower 2014 with a great update on the state of the industry.  These included his summary of a report that PPA’s in the central region of the … Continue reading

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Installed Renewables Capacity

UPDATED APRIL 22, 2015 The report from which this graphic was obtained is Here . UPDATE:  2015 Cumulative Wind Installations Wind capacity has risen by nearly 100 fold in the last 20 years.  If we see 1 / 10th of … Continue reading

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Can Wind Turbines Withstand a Hurricane?

I ran across this interesting post on a topic I had thought about but not seen much helpful information.  Mike Barnard makes a strong case for wind turbine survivability.  See the link below. http://qr.ae/n5SIH  

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CREE Continues to Deliver Game Changing Inverter Components

I love this stuff.  As a former inverter designer all I can say is I wish we had had these back in the day!

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