Cost Projections For Lithium Ion Batteries

The experience curve for Li-Ion EV batteries shows a rapid rate of price reduction.  There are some pretty optimistic numbers coming out from analysts for the cost of Lithium Ion batteries in the not to distant future.  It is looking likely that they will drop from today’s $500+ / kwhr to below $200 / kwhr by 2020 and $160 / kwhr by 2025.  Using the experience curve in the link above, assuming a 30% annual growth rate for EVs, adjusting for more recent battery cost data data and then using the less steep learning curve associated with consumer electronics, we come up with $100 / kwhr by 2029 and $50 / kwhr by 2034.  McKinsey, Navigant and Elon Musk’s projections get us to the $160 / kwhr and I have done the additional extrapolations. UPDATE: October 2014:  Now experts are openly talking about $100 / kwhr in 10 years. UPDATE July 2014: Nissan has introduced replacement battery packs for $270 / kWhr suggesting that the more aggressive projections by Navigant are on target.* McKinsey battery study Li-Ion battery Improvement CurveLithium Ion Experience Curve Further cost reductions may be achieved through repurposing the batteries after they are depleted and their capacity to weight ratio is insufficient for transportation.  See this link for post vehicular grid storage.  This may also end up being a real problem for the flow battery folks.  Even though their solution may be better, this may give Lithium Ion and its successor technologies the edge through scale and learning curve benefits.

* Near term Nissan is taking a loss.  However there is currently little demand for replacement batteries.  It is a near certainty that they have priced this so that when demand becomes substantial it will be break-even or profitable.

Comprehensive post aggregating links on Li-ion technology – Supply, Technology, Costs etc. Experience Curves explained HERE Recent update on cost of Lithium Ion batteries HERE clean Technica About 5 minutes into this video the presenter talks about the rate of Li-ion battery improvement and the expectation that it will continue. Bloomberg Presentation on cost reduction and technology improvement Lithium Ion Compared to Lead Acid on cost Prices continue to collapse in Lithium Ion

Another article predicting cost declines in Lithium Ion technology.

EPRI Li-ion battery study – From 2009 but useful Lithium sources are being looked for and found Here . EV prices expected to drop below that of ICE vehicles Here . Clayton Handleman, Tesla, Elon Musk battery cost curves, battery costs, EV Cost reduction, battery cost reduction, batteries

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