Best Of the Handleman Post 2013

Plaatsing van laatste blad op een windturbine in het windpark "Oom Kees"

Photo Credit – Nuon

Below are links to some of my favorite posts for the year:

Tesla – Good Stuff about this revolutionary car:

About those Tesla Fires – Tesla has had three fires. In all the fuss the press neglected to mention that there are about 200,000 car fires per year in the US.

Photo - Copyright Clayton Handleman

Photo – Copyright Clayton Handleman

Renewable Energy and the SuperSmart Grid – The US has extraordinary renewable resources.  Costs have come down but we still have to contend with the fact that they are intermittent.  This three part series looks at ways to increase renewables and have a more reliable utility grid.

Electric cars pollute less –  Some folks ask whether electric vehicles pollute more than regular cars if you take power plant emissions into account.  It turns out that the always pollute less than the average car and usually a lot less. 

LED Light

New lighting technology saves a lot of energy.  – George Bush signed legislation that bans the sale of energy intensive incandescent lights.  Here is some great information about them.  We all hate rules but sometimes we need a kick in the behind to do the smart thing.

We pay a heavy cost in environmental destruction for using coal – It is out of sight out of mind so many think it is not a problem.  Consider that the mountains shown in this post are destroyed forever.  The hydrology of these regions is substantially altered as the solid mountains are reduced to massive piles of rubble.  The degraded water shed extends beyond the boundaries of these properties. 

A neat thing about renewable energy is that its costs keep dropping – Things made in factories get less and less expensive as better approaches to the manufacture are figured out.  It turns out that this price reduction is predictable based upon something called the learning curve.  Here are examples of the learning curve for solar, wind and batteries.

Some are skeptical about climate change – Here is a post with some pretty stunning video about arctic sea ice loss.

US Soon to get into the off shore wind business – Cape Wind will soon start construction.  Two leases were sold at auction for additional off sore sites.

V2G = Vehicle to Grid – This is an approach that some think will be economical as soon as a decade from now.  Coincidentally this is about the time that the grid is expected to start being overloaded with intermittent renewables and in need of energy storage.  See more on V2G here.  Spent EV batteries may be gaining a second life.  People are considering repurposing them for grid support before being sent back to be recycled.

Photo Credit - Nissan

Photo Credit – Nissan
Leaf Battery Pack

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