PV Growth Continues, 20 Nuclear Plant Equivalent At End of 2012 Doubling by 2015

The installed PV has continued to grow exponentially.  Until recently PV was a bit player on the world electricity generation stage.  However due to its exponential growth that is no longer the case.  The equivalent energy producing capacity of 20 nuclear power plants is projected to be added in the next three years.  Last year alone the equivalent of about 5 nuclear power plants was added worldwide.


Exponential growth is tricky business.  If the growth rate continues then solar photovoltaics will account for the equivalent of about 80 nuclear power plants.  To put that in perspective, the US has about 100 nuclear power plants.

NOTE: I am taking capacity factor into account.

NOTE: Solar Buzz, the source for this information, is highly respected in the PV industry.  Their historical data is generally accurate and their projections have proven to be quite good over the years.

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