Bio for Clayton Handleman

I founded Heliotronics, Inc. to develop educational products that integrate live renewable energy data into curricula to teach about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) – See and

I blog on renewable energy, Super Grid and low carbon transportation at and am a guest blogger on other sites including CleanTechnica, Greentechmedia, REneweconomy, and The Energy Collective

My earlier work includes grid interactive inverter design, related project management and program management to develop and integrate data acquisition systems, web platforms and related educational software.  I hold multiple patents relating to inverter design.  I have also written about macro trends including, 15 years ago, correctly predicting when PV would break the $1.00 / Watt barrier.

Prior to my work in renewable energy I did defense research and development at MIT Lincoln Laboratories.  I have a B.A. in physics and minor in mathematics from Washington University and an M.S. Physics from Purdue university.

I recently began teaching High School Physics.


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