Do I Oppose Nuclear Power?

People often ask whether I oppose nuclear power.  The answer is that I think there are a number of really good things about nuclear power BUT that human civilization has not created sufficiently robust management systems to address the details.  And the details have long term extremely costly implications for future generations. So in principle I favor nuclear power but in practice I do not.  Bottom line, lets move forward with renewables, it will work, it will be market based and renewable energy will offer power to the people in the sense that it distributes the monetary benefits to a much larger number of stakeholders.

Here is a case in point:  we put in place the trust funds to address decommissioning but our dysfunctional government, which has had ample time, has not created a solution for storage.  We were promised this was relatively straight forward to solve.  And most issues with nuclear power are well withing our ability to solve from a technical standpoint but we do not have political systems with sufficient integrity to do their part.  And so here it begins, we kick the can down the road to avoid dealing with the problem.  What is next, we simply don’t decommission the power plants?

Time for a new paradigm.  There is a path that appears to be viable with renewables.  It is time to pursue it.

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