EVs Are a Good Match for Renewables Part II

In an earlier post it was shown that EVs are a good match to night peaking wind power in places like CA and TX.  However, there are occasional lulls.  What then?  Here are some thoughts backed up wtih data.

-Texas is expanding transmission access.  Presumably they will access their 50%CF resource that is virtually untapped to date.  This will reduce the intensity of the lulls.

– The giga factory is designed for 35GW cells and 50GW battery packs.  Tesla says that the GF is designed to provide batteries for 500,000 cars per year.  That works out to 100kwhr per car in a mass market unit.  The Model S is 85kwhr.  It appears that Musk, who has a pretty good track record, thinks the norm for EVs will be a range between 200 and 400 miles and can span a few days of commuting without a charge.  The new leaf is expected to double their range in the next year or two so trends are on track.

– Looking at Texas, which on an energy basis has sufficient wind resource to power the country, solar is a good match to compliment the wind power on down days.  (See Below) Ercot offers extensive wind data in Excel format so anyone can do the analysis.  A quick look shows a few notches of the kind you are talking about where wind dies to about 10% of capacity for a few days.  But solar is pretty robust during those periods.  So if solar is built out to compliment the wind power then charging during the day with solar may offer the load balancing.

– TOU metering would also kick the cost of electricity up during these lulls and reduce demand.

EV Wind TX Ercot July 13

ERCOT 5 day lull.  Wind averages about 10% of capacity.

EV Solar TX Elgin July 13

Same time period, solar availability is quite good.

To see an example of this read this article .

See Part I HERE .

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