Tesla Tops Fastest Audis and Lexus Super Car

Tesla Charing

With the new P85D, Tesla is like a great team that, goes in for another score, rather than sitting on a lead and running the clock out.  Taking its luxury sedan from an impressive sub 4.0 0-60 time, the new version comes close to breaking through the magical 3.0 second floor reserved for only the most tricked out super cars.  And it does this at a fraction of the price of those gas sucking beasts.

UPDATE: July 2015 – They just bumped it to 0-60 in 2.8s with the P90D, fabulous!

A recent article raved about the power of Audi’s 15 fastest cars ever.  Coming in at 3.5 seconds, only one could top the old Tesla Model S with 2 wheel drive which has a 0-60 time of under 4 seconds.  However the newest Model S, the P85D does 0-60 in 3.2 seconds topping all of the Audis and all but the most elite super cars and for considerably less money.

Lexus set out to create a super car and came up with the impressive Lexus LFA Nurburing.  This is a ‘halo’ car for Lexus with only 500 of the LFAs made and 50 of the version designed to do well on race tracks.  Coming in at 552 horsepower this supercar comes in at $465,000 with its slightly less muscled cousin coming in at $375,000.  They both do 0-60 in an impressive 3.6 seconds.  However this is still a distant .4 seconds away from the P85Ds 3.2 seconds.

It is worth noting that the Model S still has room to improve.  They have two different sized motors.  They likely can break 3.0 seconds by switching out the smaller one for the larger one.  Undoubtedly they will leave that last trick up their sleeve until a viable competitor comes along.  They can then pull this one out just in time to disrupt the press orgy of competition for their brand.

UPDATE:  Here are videos of TESLA racing supercars.

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3 Responses to Tesla Tops Fastest Audis and Lexus Super Car

  1. Bas Gresnigt says:

    Clayton, You publish and comment also at TEC.

    I experience that TEC deletes near all comments that harm the position of nuclear. Especially comments that contain links to scientific research showing health damage of nuclear radiation. They simply delete them, without any notification.

    *Do you have similar experience?*

    Seems to me that the public, and a sponsor such as Siemens (German company) needs to know about that censorship.

    Thanks, Bas

    2014-11-29 23:47 GMT+01:00 The Handleman Post :

    > Enoch1680 posted: “A recent article raved about the power of Audi’s 15 > fastest. Of these only one could top the Tesla Model S with 2 wheel > drive. H”


    • Enoch1680 says:

      Sorry, just saw this today, have had only brief moments for blogging lately.

      I have not noticed any of my comments being censored by TEC. It is very troubling if they are dropping some of yours. Given the nasty tone of some of the pro-nuclear commenters, it would be nice to see some counterbalance, particularly if you are backing up your comments with links to references.


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