Tesla Driving Cost is Slashed Where Utilities Reward for Off Peak Charging

Tesla Crp

I ran across THIS piece on the cost of operating a Tesla.  Scroll to the bottom of the article to where they talk about off peak charging costing a mere $0.023 thats 2.3 cents per kwhr in Indianapolis IN.  More on it HERE and HERE is more info on EV TOU metering .  This is the future and the ramifications for cost reduced driving cannot be overstated.  In many areas, night time charging enables higher penetration of low cost high capacity factor wind power.  Thus going a long way towards addressing the Achilles heal of renewable energy, which is intermittency.  Using high capacity factor midwest wind power for charging is a game changer for the US power industry, see HERE.  Wind turbines are being installed to produce power at amazingly low rates.

GE is working on systems that figure out how to charge EVs in such a way as to reduce peak building loads which reduces the building’s electricity costs.  Read more HERE

More on Tesla’s accomplishments HERE

EVs are a great match to utilities with night peaking generation.  This occurs in many areas with wind power as described HERE.

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