Economics of Energy Storage

There is a lot being written about energy storage.  Much of this is in the context of managing renewable energy intermittency.  A metric called Energy Stored On electrical energy Invested (ESOI) has been developed.  Among other things it is used to address the decision whether to curtail energy or store and use.  I found this summary to be helpful.  There are a variety of other options to avoid curtailment.  Two in particular are expanding the transmission grid.  This has two additional benefits.  First it improves reliability by creating additional redundant paths for electricity in the event of a localized outage.  The second is to harden relative to terrorist attack.  Currently there are 9 substations which if taken out at the same time could shut down the US grid for months.  Expanding the transmission network would add redundancy making it a much less attractive target for terrorists.

Lithium Ion, Batteries

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