Meadow Lake Wind Farm – A Case Study

This wind farm is symbiotically sited in Indiana farm fields providing a stable income source for farmers to help moderate the less predictable revenue from farming.  Its overall output is about 500MW when the wind is blowing.  That is a bit more than half the output of a typical nuclear power plant.  There are a number of links below and this cut sheet offers a good overview of the project.

IN Wind farm

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I recently had the opportunity to take some photos at the site some of which are posted here.

Meadow Lake Wind Farm

Meadow Lake Wind Farm

View from an ultralight – here


Indiana Wind Farm – Meadow Lake Wind Farm – Photo

Map of the Indiana wind resource – Link

Some additional photos here

Indiana wind farm being built and here and here and here

Meadowlake wind farm more info:

Meadow Lake Wind Farm Project Areas I-V Turbine Map

Web Site

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