A Brief Comparison of Hull 2 and the Controversial Falmouth Turbines

There has been little complaint about the Hull turbines and they are considered by most in town to be proud beacons of energy responsibility.  The Falmouth turbines are controversial and dividing the town.  Interestingly, the Hull turbines went in before the cottage industry of wind bashing had been developed.  Falmouth went in after.

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Hull 2   1_6 MW turbineHull 2 – This was built before the cottage industry of anti-wind folks.  These homes are in a quieter ambient sound area due to lower speeds on nearby roads.  They are closer to the turbine as well.  And yet the outcry has been quite limited.

I have personally spoken to a Hull neighbor of the turbine.  She initially did not like it.  Her children did though.  And once it was in and operating she actually become an advocate.

Hull 2 is a 1.8 MW turbine and is 160 m from the nearest home with a number of other homes being within 200m.  It is also worth noting that the topography, layout of buildings and vegetation are such that the homes are somewhat shielded from the sound from the nearest busy road.

Falmouth Nearest NeighborFalmouth turbine showing the closest home located across a divided highway.

The Falmouth turbines are somewhat smaller weighing in at 1.6 MW.  The nearest neighbor is more than twice as far as the Hull nearest neighbor, at 335 m and they are on the other side of a divided highway.  There are several other homes that are less than 400m from the turbines with the rest being further away.

Kingston turbineKingston Turbine – Note, it looks like there are two turbines.   The second one is some sort of artifact courtesy of Google.

Another highly controversial turbine is in Kingston MA.  This turbine was built in a commercial area atop a landfill.  Across Rte. 3, one of the busiest highways in Massachusetts there is a small residential neighborhood.  While those in opposition portray this as a quiet leafy suburb, the fact is that the folks complaining most vociferously live in homes that are roughly 125 m from Rte. 3.  The Kingston Turbine is 2 MW.

Note that in the screen shots I have been careful to include the coordinates so these can easily be found.

This post offers insights in successfully discussing the issue with anti wind folks.

This post looks at the powerful interests behind the exaggerated anti wind rhetoric.

This post looks more at local wind issues and the impact of negative press in altering people’s perceptions.


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