Tesla’s Battery Factory – Giga Factory – Is a Go

With its announcement of financing for their Giga Factory along with announcements of partnerships with Panasonic and Apple, it looks like Elon Musk is going to make good on his promise to drive down the cost of batteries used in everything from laptop computers to electric vehicles.

Tesla announces Giga Factory on its blog suggesting a reality that had heretofore been but a credible rumor.  The scale of the factory is impressive as can be seen from mock-ups at THIS SITE.


The project outline shows a factory, supplied by renewables (what percentage? Made by what companies?) that will produce as much Lithium Ion battery capacity as currently is produced worldwide.  They project a 30% cost reduction when the plant comes online in 2017.  However they hint that full production won’t be reached until 2020 and that at that point further economies will be realized bringing down costs considerably more.

Also of note, and heartening, is that the US will become a dominant, possibly the dominant, producer of Lithium Ion batteries in the world.  Apparent agreements with Panasonic and Apple computer suggest that they plan to become the leader in battery technology.  This supports my thesis that Tesla plans to blow open the utility storage market, with DemandLogic being only the first foray.

Lots of updated Giga links in this article.

And in Other Tesla News the Tesla Model S is once again named Consumer Reports car of the year.  Not electric car of the year, simply car of the year.

A good article on Tesla can be found here.

Laying waste to the myth of tesla fires.

Model S again wins car of the year from Consumer Reports

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4 Responses to Tesla’s Battery Factory – Giga Factory – Is a Go

  1. Pamela Lerno says:

    Did you see this? SHOCKING COVER UP

    RURAL COMMUNITY REVOLTS OVER U.S. BATTERY FACTORY PLANS. READIES LAWSUIT.Townsfolk are up in arms about plans for a battery factory near their town. With China banning such factories, due to massive numbers of worker, and adjacent area, cancer deaths and lethal diseases, Panasonic, and partners, are heading to America to see if they can get a work-around domestically. Already facing a large number of lawsuits and investigations, Panasonic hopes to find a lighter load in California and the American Southwest. Further details here: http://wp.me/p4e1uX-2sV


    • Enoch1680 says:

      You post problems but you do not post solutions. I wonder do you have a practical transportation solution in mind that would cause less environmental pollution or harm fewer people? To my mind EVs offer the most practical approach to retaining a modern transportation system while minimizing pollution and environmental harm.


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