V2G – And So It Begins

The Smart Grid appears to have reached the tipping point.  In my view this is the beginning of a major restructuring of the entire utility industry.  I anticipate another year or two where it will consist of occasional news stories in the popular press and then we will see it along with V2G and renewables becoming daily news as the public catches on that the grid is being rewired.  In 5 years they will realize that the entire way we generate, deliver and pay for electricity is in the process of astonishing transformation.  It may take 10 years for the arguments to end.  I am confident this change is going to happen.  The remaining question is will the US be part of it or will we cede much of the economic benefit to China.

California is now putting together the plan to make V2G a reality in the Golden state.

And Massachusetts is requiring its utilities to develop a 10 year grid modernization plan to include smart grid.

A good piece on this is at this blog.

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