PV Closing in on $2.00 / W Installed

The graphic below shows that we are nearing $2.00 / W installed in Germany for solar.  $2.00 / Watt takes into account the price of the Euro which is trading at about $1.37.  In the US we are closer to $3.00 / W due to “soft” costs such as the cost of acquiring customers and cost of getting the array inspected and approved for interconnection.  It is likely that the soft costs will drop rapidly as there is heightened awareness of PV and we transfer lessons learned in Europe to the US.  The US Department of Energy has a program under way to drive down the price of solar energy.  It is called the SunShot initiative.  This introduction provides a summary of the initiative’s goals which include dramatic reductions in the cost of solar energy.

PV Price per kw in Germany

See more on PV costs here.

And PV technology advances and potential here.

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