The eGallon – Comparing the Cost of Driving EVs vs ICE

Bashing the federal government is a popular pastime for many.  But in fairness it is important to point out their successes.  I recently read about a neat site that the Department of Energy developed for comparing Electric Vehicles (EVs) to Internal Combustion Vehicles (ICEVs).  The surprisingly easy to use site, here, pulls together data

eGallon Calculator  DOE

eGallon Calculator

on gasoline prices throughout the country, electricity prices and car mileage figures and combines them to come up with a fictitious eGallon.  The eGallon is a construct that essentially provides an apples to apples comparision between the fuel cost for EVs and ICEVs.  Check out the site and see what you would be paying per mile to drive and EV, compared to an ICEV in your state.

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