Tesla Model X Preview

I ran across this tonight about the Model-X.  Looks promising but really, I think the S will remain the EV leader.  What I like about Musk is, at least in public, he seems to be interested in technology sharing.  If he is faking, he does a great job.  I think he really wants to see EVs and yes he wants his business to succeed but I think he wants the big boys in the game as well.  It appears he has arranged things so he gets a piece of their action so wins either way.

Anyway – As revolutionary as the guy is and as much as I enjoy watching him interview one-on-one he does not have the charisma of Steve Jobs.  Though certainly more likable than any of the other big guys – Gates, Jobs, Facebook boy or Oracle dude.

Anyway, if interested, here is a nice promo piece on the Model-X – And here’s hoping no more fires.

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