Changing Ice at the Poles – Climate Change Implications

There is no doubt that the Arctic ice cap is shrinking at a an alarming pace.  But something that is recently being talked about a good deal is that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing.  Those who disagree with the substantial scientific consensus on climate change quickly point to this as proof that climate change is some kind of a hoax.  But are they on solid ground.

antarctic ice

Photo shows ice melts in Antarctica in 2005. Not directly relevant to this post other than that it is a great picture of the continent. If you go to the photo there is a detailed explanation.

Scientists do not deny that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing.  In fact it was scientists who figured it out and published it.  They also figured out and published that the ocean waters surrounding Antarctica are getting warmer.  These facts seem to be at odds.  Warmer ocean makes sense in terms of climate change.  More ice would seem to be contradictory.  So scientists have been working to reconcile the two seemingly contradictory pieces of evidence.  As it turns out there is a third macro-variable that had not been taken into account.  Wind patterns have changed.  A recent study has found that the wind patterns likely account for the increased ice.  If this is supported by further studies it provides a mechanism that is consistent with the overall conclusion that the earth is warming.

PS – Geography reminder – Arctic = North Polar Region,        Antarctic = South Polar Region

Good piece on climate change denial – scientist talks and Christians listen.

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