EV Batteries Prices are Collapsing – The Mainstream Media Misses the Big Story

As they are so prone to do, the mainstream media has framed the slashed prices of EVs and PEVs as a price war.  Perhaps it is but the big story is that they can have this price war because the cost of EV batteries is plummeting.  And why is this a big story?  Because it means the vision of an affordable EV with reasonable range is now within striking distance.  And while it can be argued the exact number, 200 miles per charge or 300 miles per charge, it is in the crosshairs.  So while these guys and these guys sell papers by framing it as a conflict, some of us are sitting back and smiling as things unfold and we know the EV tipping point is near.  Maybe 5 years but certainly no more than 10.

Too bad the mainstream press doesn’t want to tell the really exciting story, but then I guess that gives me the opportunity to tell it here.  Stay tuned to the Handleman post for more updates on these changes and their implications that speak to an entirely new energy infrastructure.

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2 Responses to EV Batteries Prices are Collapsing – The Mainstream Media Misses the Big Story

  1. tiffany267 says:

    Most major media outlets are complicit with the State and other established powers, I think. Which would explain your problem perfectly.


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