I ran across this photo on the Internet and the photographer was kind enough to let me post it here.  This is the Palm Desert wind farm just outside of Palm Springs CA.  It is one of the great NIMBY reversals in the annals of renewable energy.  I call it NIMBY to IMBY or Not In My Back Yard to In My Back Yard

Palm Desert Wind Farm

Palm Desert Wind Farm
Photo Credit – Sam Howzit
Click to Enlarge

Some years ago I met a guy at a wind energy conference who was one of the consultants who had the task of working with the Palm Springs community.  Basically the wind farm developers did a comprehensive public education campaign that helped the citizens understand the amazing wind resource they had and all the benefits of wind power.  Public opinion did an about face and turned to overwhelming support and the rest is history.

The wind farm is about 15 miles long.  Google Earth has recent high resolution imagery which you can see by typing in these coordinates 33.915827, -116.631492 .  The wind farm extends west along the 10 (CA speak for interstate 10) from North Indian Canyon Dr. well into the valley.  Also, as you enter the valley (Standing on the 10 in White Water) up on the ridge tops to your right you can see lots of little roads.  As you zoom in you will see that they are access roads to lots and lots of additional wind turbines.

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