More on the Kingston Turbine

I recently blogged about the Kingston wind turbine Here.  Based upon videos and comments to newspaper articles, there are a lot of folks in opposition who claim that the town has received little if any information in the way of studies.  At my earlier post on this I listed a link to the town web site with a good bit of information.  See below for more.

I located the presentation recently provided to the town of Kingston here.  It is done professionally and offers a reasonable overview.  Of course it will have its own bias, for example they discuss homes 1000 feet from the turbine when there are a few residences as close as 700ft.  But in comparison to the folks complaining, this is a very level headed report.  Of particular interest are references to European studies that show that people close to turbines stop complaining if they have skin in the game, i.e. get paid or have reduced electrical rates.

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