Prominent Climate Change Skeptic Converts

Wow! What a great Op-Ed! Whether a climate change skeptic or a climate change alarmist, read the whole article. It validates both positions as understandable while wrapping the knuckles of extremists on both sides of the discussion.  It clarifies the status of the science.  Many skeptics say that we don’t need to change our ways because there are many flaws in the evidence.  The studies cited address many of those flaws in a rigorous way.  Basically, if you think climate change is not a good thing but were waiting for convincing proof that it is human caused, this may be the evidence you were looking for.  If you are FREAKED out by climate change then you can plan on losing some more sleep : )

Climate change skeptic hired by the Koch Brothers changes his position on AGW By RICHARD A. MULLER – reviews data that was thought to be flawed and finds that the evidence for AGW is

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  2. Clayton says:

    A more detailed look at the Climate Change skeptics –


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