Anatomy of Financing a Large Solar Project

Great article, well explained.

Interestingly, the many will scream bloody murder on this even though a good deal of it is tax reduction.  I thought they wanted lower tax on industry, here is lower tax on industry and they don’t like it.








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1 Response to Anatomy of Financing a Large Solar Project

  1. Clayton says:

    Substantial portions (admittedly not all) of the deal are tax breaks. That would be, reduced taxes on industry.

    Now actually there are better ways to do this but the difference between whining and can do is that whiners look at the approach and complain while productive can-do folks look at the beneficial outcome and say, ‘now, how can we do this better’. This is what is broken in our politics. I would like to see the leftys and the rightys in a back room (or better, in public) saying, hey, great outcome we are deploying clean solar energy that produces power domestically. But hey, we are spending too much of the public’s money. The world (mostly Germany) has succeeded in making solar much less expensive, we are moving into a new phase. Lets look at all of the incentive tools in our belt and see how to role out newer more cost effective approaches that will better leverage the private sector. Unfortunately the righty’s just want solar energy to go away.


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